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Career Solutions Bangladesh has always been an integral member of the national HR community of Bangladesh. We at CSB believe that true change can only come when the private sector works hand in hand with the public sector and with citizens in order to further social, economic and national goals. Therefore, in line with our corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have developed two main programs through which to bring positive change:

  • Youth Engagement Program (YEP!)

  • Women in the Workplace (WW)


The primary aim of the youth engagement program is to help make the academic education experience of children and adolescents as open, interactive and progressive as possible.  In the long run, these children will grow to become the nation’s leaders, entrepreneurs and intellectual hubs. Hence, it is essential to make sure they have a well-rounded academic background that can keep them updated to meet the needs of the future. For school-going children and adolescents, YEP! brings together early childhood educators and trainers who help them develop confidence, critical thinking, leadership skills as well as expose them to modern-era subjects such  as information technology, coding, hardware intelligence and more! Below are few of the free events that we conducted under the YEP! banner over the past few years.


Author & Contemporary Artist Nurun Nahar Kazi visits schools in Dhaka including The British Columbia School and Siddiqui’s International School to promote her new book “Buffys Shongshaar” under Career Solutions Bangladesh’s national Youth Engagement Program (YEP!)

Book Tour Continues


Interactive Training on Leadership

Special Guest: Fariya Tasneem

Venue: Siddiqui’s International School, Dhaka

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Think Beyond the Classroom

Special Guest: Shams Jaber,

Founder of The Tech Academy

Venue: The British Columbia School, Dhaka




Workshop on Motivation & Leadership

In partnership with It’s Humanity Foundation

Award Giving Ceremony


High School & University Volunteer Certificate Giving Ceremony


Women in the Workplace

Venue: Hotel Sarina Conference Room, Dhaka

As part of the annual event called “Women in the Workplace”, we aim to raise awareness regarding inequalities that remain at various sectors of the workplace where gender minorities are limited in their access to the field as well as retention and growth in the given industry. Our goals regarding HR policy changes to encourage increased participation and retension of women & gender minorities include:

  • Increase participation of women in the workplace as a whole
  • Increase participation of women in specific male-dominated industries (e.g. aviation)
  • Encourage retention & consistent career growth of women
  • Help women break the glass ceiling at leadership roles at organizations
  • Increase participation of private sector, public sector, media and citizens in the conversation around women empowerment & issues at the workplace.

Women in the Workplace 2017

Breaking Barriers & Moving Forward


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