Study in USA

We are proud to say that every year, our candidates get admission to top universities in the United States of America! Some of the special services we provide for studying in USA are:

  1. Admission Application
  2. Preparing Supplementary Packages for Admission
  3. Proof-reading and editing Essays/SOP/LOI
  4. Approaching Supervisors (Masters & PhD)
  5. Mock Interview before Supervisor Interview

Furthermore, for our partner universities, we provide these ADDITIONAl services:

  1. VISA Guidance & Support
  2. Airport Pick Up
  3. Room/Dorm Renting support
  4. Settling in and Socializing Support


Our Service Packages for USA are as follows: our Packages



Career Solutions “Study Abroad” is the best place to apply to any university of your choice within Canada, United States of American and the United Kingdom.

Why chose CS Study Abroad for your applications?y

  • You can apply to ANY university of your choice with the help of CS Study Abroad
  • You can choose from over 2000 different institutions in USA & Canada, both public, private, colleges and universities
  • We are the ONLY agency in the country who provide help with SOP(Statement of Purpose)/Admissions Essay brainstorming, editing and proofreading
  • We are the ONLY agency in the country who provide support in approaching supervisors for positions & funding abroad
  • We are the ONLY agency in the country who prepare you for interviews with supervisors with multiple MOCK Interviews
  • We are the ONLY agency in the country who provide weekly career counseling by internationally educated and located academic advisers
  • We are the ONLY agency in the country who provide help with preparing professional and academic CVs, sending transcripts, choosing universities & programs that are right for you, and more!

    Let’s get started!


Choose a subject:

The first step is choose the subject you want to study! There’s a million choices of what to major in and the world is yours to conquer. If you’re having difficulty choose, you can always drop us an email and our career expert will set up a session with you to help you decide what subject is perfect to study depending on your life goals and dreams. We will take into consideration, a number of different factors such as: What subjects have you studies in secondary school, high school, and in your university education? Among them, which subjects did you enjoy the most and got the best scores in? What do you want to do in life? Do you enjoy doing creative work? Are you passionate about numbers and accounting? Do you see yourself an corporate superstar? A ground-breaking engineer? A medical professional who saves lives? All of your input will help us find the right major for your.


Finalize your budget:

Discussing a budget with your family is something you should do pretty early on. Knowing your financial situation will help to figure out the best country, best city and best university for your budget. Some cities in the world are very expensive to rent even a single room at! While others are very affordable in terms of tuition and research funding. If you’re confused, again, just drop us an email or call us on skype to discuss your personal situation. Perhaps you have a relative in a country who you can bunk i with, thereby saving on rent and food expenses. Perhaps there are cities you prefer because of the weather and living conditions. A lot should be considered, but it all stems from the available budget. To get an estimate of how much it costs in Bangladesh currency to each a specific subject in each city/country, just write us an email and we’ll get back with numbers within the week!

Choose the Country:


This is also an important choice. Many factors must be considered such as your future plans of finding a job and settling there as an immigrant once your studies are done. You can also consider the local culture, the present of cultural and religious diversity and tolerance, the cost of living, the minimum wage and job opporunity there, and other factors.  If you’re confused how to choose the country, give us a call and we can help you narrow down the choices. You should also consider it based on the subject you are studying, since some countries have more research finding for biosciences, while others fund more technical programs through grants and scholarships.

Choose the University:

One of the main things to consider for choose a university should be the programs it offers, its acceptance rate of international students, available scholarships & funding for international students, and finally, the university’s global and local ranking. There are many tricks to understanding ranking as well. For instance, a top-tier university you get acceptance from may not offer you a scholarship, while a mid-tier university you applied to may be willing to give you 70% of tuition waiver, while a mid-to-low tier school can offer you a 100% scholarship or supportive student job options. There’s a lot to consider and that is why we are here. To select the universities and programs to apply to, we encourage you to speak to our career experts before you begin to apply. It’s important to always aim high for your dream schools, but also have a few back ups with mid-tier and mid-to-low-tier universities so you don’t end up wasting a full academic year.

Choose the program:

This is probably the most crucial decision of all because it will affect you on a day-to-day basis while you study and also effect your chances at finding a job or building a career in a field. Before choosing your program it is absolutely necessary to evaluate your skill sets, and find out what you are best at doing. Secondly, it is important to decide how you see yourself in 10 years, and gather the remaining skills you will need to reach that position. Finally, it is important to compare which of the offered programs at which university is the best match for your aims and goals. For instance, if you wish to become a professor at a university someday, it is crucial to start building research experience while getting your master’s and phD. For this, you should not go for a course-based Master’s but rather a thesis-based Master’s. On the other hand, if you are going for a career in the industry or corporate sector, choose a master’s that has co-op/work opportunities or internships in local industry through the program. If you want to work in an administrative position, it is important to choose a graduate program which also offers leadership and team-building skills.


Start Your Application:

Once you have gone through the factors listed above and decided where you want to apply, it’s now time to begin your application. This is when you can sign up with Career Solutions “Study Abroad” as an applicant for a one-time fee of $200 (12,000 BDT). Once you are signed up officially, you will immediately receive access to the following:

  • Access to dropbox account containing sample college essays, tips on writing college essays, sample science resumes, sample letters to professors, writing guidelines, proofreading guidelines, and application checklists
  • Access to weekly virtual meetings with our career experts to discuss your specific issues and questions regarding the application process
  • Monthly reminders to complete tasks such as forward your transcript, complete writing your GRE/GMAT/SAT/IELTS, reminders to complete and submit online forms for universities, etc.
  • Access to CS Study Abroad Alumni group, where you can speak to both experts and previous students who went through the same application process and you can share your problems and hear from their experiences one-on-one
  • Help to approach suppervisors, accept offers of admission and reject offers of admission.

Applications to universities abroad can be a long and tedious process. It is not unnatural for students to get frustrated with lack of information of confusing information from so many different university websites and agencies. Often times, students just want to speak on the phone and clarify their situation and get answers to simple questions but no one is available. We at CS Study Abroad are always just one message away. Apart from our weekly virtual appointments, our students are welcome to text us or email us any day and time throughout the week and we get back to them within 24 hours. We understand the importance of a personalized service and we work hard to ensure every student gets a fair shot at their dream careers by submitting a stellar application. So, let’s start working together to change the future of your career forever.